The Double-Diamond: Automatic Industrial Sliding DoorDouble-DiamondTopImage.jpg

The Double diamond is the largest industrial automatic door with pedestrian door safety and the only automatic door with forklift sensing.


  • Forklift sensing reduces energy loss by as much as 10% by utilizing object size recognition to open doors wider for fork lift traffic and acrylite panels provide superior R-value compared to glass
  • 50% faster opening times compared to roll up doors
  • 4.5 seconds to fully open for forklifts
  • 2.5 seconds to partial open for pedestirans
  • Trackless design minimizes maintenance and elimantes cleaning of debris from ordinary floor tracks
  • Durable design ideal for home center daily rigors
  • All welded door panels for rigidity and long life
  • Forklift crash tested to ensure panels remain intact
  • Crash bars and kick plates absorb shock in the event of cart collisions


Double-Diamond Brochure

All door packages are custom manufactured to fit your job requirements up to ¼” increments.  For sizes greater or smaller than typical, contact your authorized STANLEY Access Technologies Sales Representative.