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LOCK GUARD is forged from 16 gauge stainless steel, the Lock Guard wraps around the lead stiles, adding rigid reinforcement in the event of forced entry.



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ARMORED STRIKE RETROFIT KIT is designed for bi-parting doors currently utilizing standard 4-lamination lock with 2-point locking. The 8-ply laminated stainless steel bolt and armored strike is designed to resist entry from any direction.






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SECURITY STROBES are two 24 VDC professional grade strobe lights and programmable relay work with the door system’s exterior motion sensor to deter unauthorized entry during business off-hours. When triggered, the super-LED strobes flash in a registered CometFlash® 75 pattern. The alternating flash acts as a visual deterrent to enhance security.






DelayedEgress2.jpgDELAYED EGRESS FOR DURA-GLIDE is a security enhancement that denies exit to unauthorized personnel for 15-30 seconds while an alarm sounds so personnel have a chance to respond before the person is allowed to leave. Voted "Top 100 Products" by Buildings Magazine. "This option offers enhanced security while maintaining egress codes."


  • Temporarily prevents door panels from being able to break out (swing motion)
  • Durable concealed magnetic locks provide protection for up to 1200 lbs of shear force
  • Audible alarm ( > 75dBA)
  • Recessed panic hardware easily identified with decals
  • Key power and control switch provided to set closed and locked position
  • Nuisance delay time included for accidental pushing and panic bar
  • Aid in loss prevention at retail, office and health care locations