Automatic Doors for ADA-Compliant Accessibility Planning for Buildings in Los Angeles, California


Automatic doors have become a staple of public entryways of all kinds and critical for accessibility and disability awareness planning efforts. Whether you are looking for public entrance solutions for the small store that you own and run, or for a major office building you’re working on in Los Angeles, CA, STANLEY Access Technologies can work with you to design and install automated doorways tailored to the needs of your project. We take pride in being not only the leader in automatic doors, but also the pioneer of the industry, which is why we are determined to outperform the expectations of your project and ensure lasting results.

STANLEY Access Technologies manufactures a selection of automatic doors that can accommodate nearly any application for any building in Los Angeles, California, with options that include:

  • Sliding doors – We have a variety of automated sliding doors to meet the demands of nearly any public doorway, including doors made with blast- and ballistic-resistant glass for higher security in government and school buildings, storm-resistant doors that are excellent choices for coastal buildings, and telescoping models that require less space for the door panels to slide into for smaller entrances.
  • Revolving doors – Revolving doors help improve the flow of foot traffic in office buildings, major stores, and convention centers in the busy city. In hospital settings, they also help keep conditioned air from escaping and help keep contaminants out. Our diverse selection of revolvers includes both manual and automatic doors.
  • Swing doors – We manufacture both full-energy (motion activated) and low-energy (knowing-act activated) swing door operators that can be installed and used with virtually any existing swing door, making them perfect for easy accessibility upgrades.

At STANLEY Access Technologies, we also service automatic doors of all brands, so if your building in Los Angeles, California, has existing doors in need of maintenance or repair, our AAADM-certified technicians can keep your entryways in proper working order, even if we didn’t make them. Contact us today for more information, including BIM objects and other illustrations, on our automatic doors.