Commercial Entry Doors for Convention Centers, Shopping Malls, Banks, and Other Buildings

Commercial Entry Doors

Commercial entry doors from STANLEY Access Technologies come in a wide variety of styles for use in any business. Whether you need to accommodate high-volume foot traffic at a large mall, provide easy access to a convenience store with limited entry space, or anything in between, we can fabricate and install the right door to suit your needs. That’s because we’ve been manufacturing commercial entry doors for establishments ever since we patented the world’s first automatic door operator in the 1930s.

If you’re looking to outfit a building with new doors for an entryway – or elsewhere within the establishment – STANLEY Access Technologies offers automatic door solutions such as:

  • The Bypass™ Door – This set of sliding commercial entry doors is great for entrances that need to control foot traffic but have limited space within the opening itself. By employing two one-way door panels which slide inward onto a single stationary middle panel, this product provides ample room for entrance and exit while conserving space.
  • The Cart Door – Shopping carts can cause considerable damage to a normal retail entryway, and it can often be a hassle for employees to bring in a large amount of carts through the customer entrance. The Cart Door is our answer to these issues, providing a set of durable, extra-wide panels separate from the customer entrance so that carts, hand trucks, and more can be brought into the store easily without causing damage or disturbing foot traffic.

In addition to innovating and engineering commercial entry doors and other entrances across industries, we also service automatic doors from all manufacturers. That means our expert technicians can fix existing automatic doors that need maintenance or repair, even if STANLEY didn’t make them. Contact STANLEY Access Technologies today to see how we can help solve all your business entrance needs.