Balance patient visibility and privacy with the flick of a switch with Electronic Privacy Glass

• Translucent glass instantly turns transparent with the application of an electric current
• Eliminates the need for additional privacy offerings such as blinds or curtains
• Electronics and mechanics are concealed in the header for a streamlined appearance
• Offered as an option on Dura-Care™ 7000 Series single slide and 2- and 3-panel with swing (breakout) functionality 

Infection control
• 92% of hospital privacy curtains are contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria*
• This bacteria on curtains can transfer to clean hands or gloves of hospital workers, leading to potential patient infections

Long-term cost savings
• U.S. hospitals see over 1.7 million health care associated Infections each year at a cost of up to $45 billion a year**
• 1 ICU curtain for 1 year, including laundering is $1,696. That’s $10,176 invested for the 6 year lifecycle of a single curtain**

Space efficient
• Effectively adds square footage to small ICU rooms by eliminating the nuisance of curtains and curtain rods


AVAILABLE ICU/CCU PACKAGES: 7000 2-Panel, 7000TL,  7200 2-Panel, 7200 TL-FBO, 7300 TL-FBO7500 3-Panel, 7500TL, 7500TL-FBO
GLASS DIMENSIONS: Maximum Width - 54” * (978mm) | Maximum Length - 120” (3048mm)
THICKNESS (GLASS): 7/16” (11.11mm)
ENERGY DATA: Input Power - 120VAC / 60Hz | Energy Consumption - ~2-5 watts / sq. meter | 0 watts in Privacy mode
PARALLEL LIGHT TRANSMISSION: On: Transparent | Off: Translucent

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Achieve optimal balance between nurse visibility and patient privacy.

• Integrated blinds are permanently sealed between 2 panes of glass to ensure protection against dirt, dust, and germs for improved infection control
• Nurse visibility and patient privacy are easily controlled by a simple tilting of the blinds
• Available for Dura-Care™ 7000 Series single slide and 2- and 3-panel with swing (breakout) functionality.

  • 7000 2-Panel, 7000TL, 7200 2-Palenl, 7200 TL-FBO, 7300 TL-FBO, 7500 3-Panel, 7500TL, 7500TL-FBO


When selecting your Integrated Blinds, you should consider the following factors: 

  • The device that drives the blinds 
    • Handle or knob 
    • Is the drive system located inside or outside the room
    • Location of the sliding panel
  • The weight of the overall door package
    • Integrated blinds can sometimes double the total weight of the door 
    • Consider the weight of the glass, door panel(s) and the weight additional weight of the blinds
  • The direction of access when choosing your door and the point of breakout 
  • Glass stops

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