Sliding Door Systems from STANLEY Access Technologies 

Sliding Door System

STANLEY Access Technologies has been the automatic door innovator since the 1930s, and we take pride in being the automatic sliding door system leader today. Whether you need doorways for buildings in the retail, healthcare, hospitality, or other industries, we have automatic door options to suit almost any application. Our slide door systems are fully customizable, too, so that a door can easily be matched to the aesthetic of the entrance, as well as the function it needs to fill.

The sliding door system products that STANLEY Access Technologies designs, installs, manufactures, and services include:

  • Dura-Glide™ 2000/3000 Series – As the automatic door industry’s most dependable sliding door, this model is perfect for nearly any building, including schools, stores, office buildings, and  airports. The Dura-Glide™ system combines state-of-the-art microprocessor technology with advanced engineering to for a safe and long-lasting performance, and our Weather Wise™ switches can restrict the opening width on larger doors for energy savings. Dura-Glide™ doors are also rated for Class 1 and 10 clean rooms and labs.
  • Bypass™ – This automatic sliding door system provides economy in terms of both cost and space. The Bypass™ system employs two moving doors – one for entering and one for exiting – that slide inward onto one stationary center panel, to efficiently direct foot traffic in smaller storefronts.
  • Dura-Shield™ Blast or Ballistic – Designed with blast and ballistic-resistant glass from Insulgard® Security Products and durable framing made from extruded aluminum, these automatic doors boast safety and security as well as top-of-the-line performance – excellent for government and financial buildings that need to keep their occupants safe, even in extreme circumstances.

In addition to these offerings, we also service automatic doors of all kinds, regardless of the manufacturer. So, if you already have an automatic sliding door system or other automated entryway that needs repair or maintenance, we can restore it to perfect working condition, even if the door is not from STANLEY. For more information on any of our sliding doors and other products, contact STANLEY Access Technologies today.