StanCam.jpgTHE STAN-CAM™ Camera provides a continuous video signal of the area surrounding the protected door’s opening, including the threshold. It offers a safe, cost-effective and sustainable camera recording solution for a variety of entryway applications.


  • Camera recording capability around door for added liability and security protection
  • Seamless integration with SU-100 motion sensor, provides a camera view angle of 20º from the header
  • High performance color video camera suited for varying light conditions
  • Standard NTSC video output allows for easy interface to a range of recording and monitoring devices 

Stan-Cam Color Video Camera Brochure




JAMB CAMERA is a low profile camera mounted to the door jamb. It is a cost-effective security solution ideal for surveillance, identification, monitoring, evidence gathering and advanced security infrastructure.


  • Preset and focused 3.6mm lens
  • 6-VDC power supply
  • Optional video output cable
  • Surveillance/wide angle view

Jamb Cam Security Camera Brochure