Before calling for service you can troubleshoot your STANLEY Dura-Glide by checking the following:​

1. Power is ON (check red indicator light)
2. Function switch is set to Automatic/AUT
3. Overhead interior/exterior sensor zones are clear and there are no items in the pathway of the door​


  • CLS/Closed keeps the door closed
  • OPN/Open keeps the door open
  • Oneway/ENTER NO activates door from only one direction
  • REDUCED/RED YES shortens opening width​​



For the following steps, turn power OFF

4. Secure door to its hanger by pushing the door panels in from the outside
5. Manually slide door panels open and closed to feel for pebbles/debris in the threshold/track
6. Clean out track or threshold area. Do not attempt to clean the guide on the bottom of sliding panel


Watch the video




Additional Assistance

If your door is still not operating properly, customer support is available 24/7 at 1‐888‐DOOR-444
For more information, refer to your owner’s manual.