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“What if we…” that gets us excited.

What if we created a mini automatic door for a stairwell to keep people safe?
What if we incorporated an automatic door to divide an indoor/outdoor pool?
What if we designed an automatic door for a Yacht?
Done. Done. And done.


We can make it a reality.

Slide door operator with custom panels.

Pittsburgh Airport Parking area, creating a unique branded look with just painting the header. 

Operator only Utility Package, where breakout isn’t required by NFPA 101.

Panic Bars added to our All Glass Automatic Sliding Door.

All Glass Automatic Sliding Door with tinted glass into your personal garage. 

Hidden door for one-way access at Royal Sanseta Hotel in New Orleans. Utility Package. 

Gallery-worthy Slim Line Header application for our partners at Ferguson Glass Office in Calgary, Canada.

Consider automatic doors for applications where customers or employees are carrying large or heavy items.

Custom panels on our Dura-Glide Automatic Sliding Door.

Space camp just got way cooler thanks to our Dura-Glide Sliding Door.

Automatic Sliding Glass Door dividing interior and exterior of pool. How do you even install that? STANLEY can. 

Impress your boating community with a STANLEY automatic sliding door on your Yacht. 

Get creative with P-Panels, a surface mounted automatic sliding door with just 2 panels of sliding glass. 

This 22-foot high automatic slider also needed a notch cut in the top for the red box to pass through.

Automatic doors in the sky
Only STANLEY can