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Hospitality Doors from STANLEY Access Technologies Set a Welcoming Tone for Patrons

Hospitality doors need to be accessible and easy to use, but should also set the tone for the level of service guests can expect from an establishment. Stanley Access Technologies understands that our hospitality doors play a critical role in making a good first impression for hotels, restaurants, and other buildings in the customer service industry. Whatever your project requires, from restaurant entrances to hotel room doors, trust STANLEY Access Technologies for high-performance and aesthetically pleasing manual and automatic hospitality doors, revolvers, and full entrances to suit the needs of any establishment.

STANLEY Access Technologies manufactures top-of-the-line hospitality doors of all kinds, including:

  • STANLEY Rush revolving doors and customized entrance designs – Available in manual and automatic models, our revolving doors allow for constant easy access while minimizing the loss of conditioned air. A three-wing design provides plenty of room for luggage in hotel lobby entrances, while a four-wing design improves the flow of foot traffic in busy doorways, and customization options are virtually limitless. STANLEY Rush also offers customized architectural entrance designs with revolvers; balanced, pivot, and swing doors; and castings.
  • Automatic sliding doors – With a multitude of design options and performance specifications that range from compact telescoping doors to hurricane-rated, impact-resistant models, our automatic sliding doors provide aesthetics, functionality, and safety for small restaurants, large hotels, and everything in between. Slide door operators are also available to give architects the freedom to add our industry-leading operators to the door design that best suits their vision.
  • Automatic swing door operators – Our ADA-compliant door openers can be fitted to practically any door that swings open, making them a versatile addition to hospitality doors. They are a great option for fully automating gift shop and hotel doors to accommodate shoppers whose hands are full, for hotel doormen and patrons with luggage, and accommodating the needs of people who are handicapped and elderly.

We also carry security options such as the Jamb Camera, a low-profile door monitoring system for surveillance, identification, monitoring, and evidence gathering. In addition to manufacturing the finest automated doors in the industry, STANLEY Access Technologies offers comprehensive service and maintenance programs that are customizable to meet the needs of all of your automatic hospitality doors, regardless of the manufacturer. This means that our AAADM-certified technicians can make sure your existing doors are working as designed, even if they aren’t from STANLEY.

That meets your unique hospitality needs.

In-ground operators can help you keep your premium entryway intact. 

Improve energy efficiency with the retrofit-ready 500 Revolving Door.

Partner with STANLEY Rush to bring your unique architectural entrance to life. 

Let natural light flood in with an All Glass Automatic Slide Door and glass transo