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Revolving Doors from STANLEY Rush – Custom Designs for Improved Traffic Flow

STANLEY Rush Revolving Doors are attractive and efficient solutions for improving the pedestrian traffic flow in the entrances of all kinds of buildings, including those in the healthcare, retail, and hospitality industries. Our revolving doors are highly customizable and can be designed to match the aesthetics of virtually any building. With customizable push bars and plates, a variety of materials for the door wing frames, tinted glass selections, and other options, we can craft a door that is sure to impress visitors to your building. Each revolving door from STANLEY Rush also comes with speed controls that restrict the revolution speed of its door panels to help regulate the flow of foot traffic; these speed controls, while normally mounted overhead, have the additional option of being concealed in the floor for a sleeker design.

Our revolving doors also feature:

  • An airtight seal, which, along with a wing design that keeps at least two points of contact with the enclosure, allows only one tenth of the amount of air flow of a normal swing door, helping save energy by keeping HVAC-processed air inside as well as reducing airborne contaminants, making it perfect for hospital entrances
  • Rushclad custom extruded aluminum cladding for durability and longevity, with wraparound metal and watertight adhesive to prevent water damage and delamination
  • A concealed mechanism to collapse revolving door wings for emergency egress
  • Various security options, including detection and prevention of unauthorized access in automatic revolving doors, card reader access, and sliding dead bolt locks – ideal for high-security areas such as banks and office buildings

When you’re looking to improve the flow of foot traffic and modernize the look of a building entrance, trust STANLEY Rush to provide you with a revolving door that will be perfect for the job. We even provide maintenance and repair services not just for our revolving doors, but for all automatic doors, regardless of manufacturer. To request more information about our revolving door selection, including custom designs, drawings, and specifications, contact STANLEY Rush today.

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