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School Doors from STANLEY Access Technologies Help Create a Safe, Accessible Learning Environment

School doors have unique requirements as accessible entryways: Like any public entryways, the doors must accommodate people with varying levels of mobility, but they also have to withstand heavy use by children every day while offering protection. If you’re working on a school’s entrances, STANLEY Access Technologies has a versatile selection of manual and automatic doors that provide tailored solutions to meet the high usage and security demands of education buildings.

More specifically, school doors from STANLEY Access Technologies help to provide:

  • Accessibility – For students and adults who have different accessibility needs, we have a wide selection of ADA-compliant automatic swing door operators that allow for entering and exiting a building easily, as well as door operators that can be used to upgrade existing swinging school doors. Additionally, our automatic doors and door operators are available in two different types of activation methods: low-energy, or “knowing act” doors, open with a push-plate or wave detector, and full-energy automatic doors swing or slide open when a pedestrian approaches the doorway.
  • Durability – The hurricane-resistant Dura-Storm™ is tested to meet the State of Florida’s most stringent building design & code requirements for hurricane force winds and flying debris. The Dura-Storm is trusted as a building’s first line of defense from storms by reducing air infiltration, withstanding high structural pressure, and maximizing forced entry resistance.
  • Safety – Above all, parents expect their children to be safe while at school. With products like our Dura-Shield™ blast- or ballistic-resistant automatic sliding doors at every entrance and surveillance options like the discreet Jamb Camera and the high-performance Stan-Cam™ installed on its entrances, an educational building will be safer from extreme dangers.

Additionally STANLEY Access Technologies offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all automatic doors, regardless of the manufacturer. That way, if any of your school doors aren’t working as they should, our AAADM-certified technicians can get them up and running for the busy school day, even if the doors didn’t come from us. We’ve been installing and repairing automatic doors since we pioneered the industry back in the 1930s, giving us the rich insight that’s helped us constantly refine our products to bring you the best school doors possible.

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