ADA Door Opener Technology from STANLEY Access Technologies Easily Makes Entrances More Accessible

ADA Door Opener

ADA door opener installations from STANLEY Access Technologies offer an easy and cost-effective way to furnish businesses with accessible entryways. Our swing door operators can help you outfit a store or facility with an ADA-compliant entrance or convert manual doors to automatic for ease of access without the hassle or costs associated with rebuilding an entire doorway.

STANLEY Access Technologies can manufacture and install a new door or retrofit an existing door with any of the following ADA-compliant swing door operators:

  • Magic-Access® – This low-energy door operator allows almost any swing door to open automatically from a knowing act, such as pressing a wall switch or a pushbutton, or even using a card reader for enhanced security options.
  • Magic Swing® – Our heavy-duty full-energy ADA door opener converts any manual door into a fully automatic entrance and allows for strong, smooth control in applications with high winds and air pressure.
  • Magic Force™ – Our most versatile door opener, this option can be configured upon installation to provide either full-energy (motion activated) or low-energy (knowing act) automation. This way, users are free to employ precisely the right type of automation needed for entrances without changing the entire mechanism.

All of our operators are available as fire door packages with UL-listed equipment to assist people in hospitals, schools, or businesses with quick and easy egress in case of an emergency.

For specifications, literature, and drawings for an ADA door opener or the Express-Swing™, and for questions about installation, our expert sales representatives are available to solve your ADA needs. Contact us today.