Automatic Slide Doors are an efficient way to accommodate simultaneous two-way traffic flow. 

  • Available in single slide, bi-part slide or telescopic slide configurations
  • Furnished as complete packages
  • Can be surface mounted or concealed overhead
  • Includes an operator, header, track, carrier wheels, sliding door panel(s), sidelite panel(s), jambs, lock and activation/safety system
  • Other options are also available




Manual ICU Slide Doors all have a swinging/breakout functionality designed for healthcare environments where clear door opening needs change in a moment's notice. 

  • Available in slide/swing, fold/swing, telescoping/swing or swing configurations
  • Swing capabilities, also known as break out, available by stacking the panels to one side and pulling them open to create a wider opening
  • Also can be used in computer rooms, libraries, residences and a variety of other applications



Automatic Swing Operators are normally used for directional or one-way pedestrian traffic. Typically, one door is used for ingress and another for egress. 

  • Can be low energy (knowing act activated with push plates)
  • Fully automatic applications require guide rails to protect the swing area of the door panel
  • Complete packages or operator with header and drive arm
  • Mounted as overhead concealed or surface mounted for push/pull applications
  • Available in single, pair or double egress configurations





Revolving Doors can be used for high-traffic applications requiring simultaneous entry and exit, controlled access, or can be used as an air lock to help manage energy expenses.

  • Available as manual or automatic configurations
  • Manufactured as complete packages by STANLEY Rush
  • Offered in three-wing or four-wing designs
  • Larger diameter three-wing and four-wing designs also offer center core displays




Automatic Folding Doors are furnished as complete packages. This includes: the operator, header, pivot hardware, door panels, guide rails, lock and activation/safety system. 







Manual Balanced Doors use interior and exterior air pressure to assist pedestrians opening the door in wind tunnel or stack pressure circumstances. 

  • Feature a sliding pivot in the header
  • The imposed forces, whether wind or stack draft suction are balanced on each side of the pivot in a 'see-saw' fashion
  • Less force or strength is required to open the door and the movement is well controlled
  • Option to add a STANLEY door operator




Manual Pivot or Hinged Doors are complimentary to the fine line of door styles and entrance components. 

  • Pivot doors are an excellent selection for applications that require a large opening with minimal floor space interruption. Pins are located at the top and bottom of the frame, allowing the door to pivot. Each door’s pivot point is custom located by request; center and off center pivot locations are available (subject to engineering approval).
  • Swinging and hinged doors consist of a panel that swings on hinges





Transit Doors and Gates are designed for light and heavy rail applications and require customized solutions. Doors and gates help achieve a reliable separation of the passenger area from the dangerous train track area. Other benefits include enhanced safety, improved reliability and punctuality, increased train frequency and a higher degree of economic efficiency and profitableness. 

  • Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) are full-height
  • Platform Screen Gates (PSGs) are half-height




Slide Door Operators are comprised of an operator with a header and hanger. 

  • Most commonly surface mounted - Ideal for Architects who want to take full control over door aesthetic
  • A popular solution for door automation needs outside of North America
  • May not meet North American codes for emergency egress; contact your local sales representative for more information