Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance Services for Businesses in North America


At STANLEY Access Technologies, we understand that choosing the right commercial door repair and maintenance company is just as important as choosing the right door manufacturer. Whether you have an immediate need for doorway repair or just want to ensure that your entrances continue to function properly as long as possible without the need for a major overhaul, STANLEY Access Technologies can assist in your unique needs. We are the largest company in the North American automatic door industry, which allows us to service doors in even the most remote areas.  We proudly make it our mission to provide the best customer service by handling all automatic commercial door repair and planned maintenance (PM) needs, regardless of the manufacturer.

STANLEY Access Technologies offers four custom service packages that accommodate the unique needs of our customers:


Free STANLEY warranty service

x x x x
Safety and quality check x x x x
Reporting and documentation x x x x
24/7 National Call Center x x x x
Professional AAADM and OSHA trained service techs x x x x
Advanced dispatching systems x x x x
Priority 24 hour response x x x x
AAADM inspection  x*  x* x x
End user training   x x x
Unlimited remedial corrective maintenance   x x x
Annual 14-point factory inspection   x x x
Unlimited corrective labor services     x x
Travel and labor included     x x
Parts replaced proactively (versus when fail)       x
Commonly replaced parts included       x

* Available upon request

  • On Demand – For specific commercial door repair needs, this base service is offered as a pay-as-you-go option with a standard hourly rate; parts can be replaced as needed at published list prices.
  • Planned Inspection – Our basic planned maintenance service includes a 14-point factory specified inspection of the equipment at regular intervals, generally twice per year. Our AAADM certified service technicians will examine the major working parts of your entryways and inform you of any recommended replacements or repairs.
  • Planned Inspection Plus – In addition to regular inspections, our commercial door repair technicians will be readily available for corrective services during the coverage hours of the agreement. Also, this plan covers commonly replaced parts, and we keep those parts available during inspections for easy replacement; if necessary, more uncommon parts can be ordered at competitive prices.
  • Comprehensive Planned Inspection – This is our most thorough and inclusive service plan, offering proactive parts replacement and unlimited remedial corrective maintenance services for your automatic entryways. Our technicians will also check the door systems for performance quality to ensure your entrances are performing as designed.

In addition to providing our expert service and repair, we keep thorough documentation on all maintenance appointments so the technicians servicing your doors are knowledgeable of information from prior visits. As the recognized leader in the manufacture, installation, and service of automatic doors since the 1930s, STANLEY Access Technologies is proud to provide a single point of accountability to our customers for entryway services, keeping repair and maintenance economical and virtually worry-free. Contact us today for more information on our commercial door repair and maintenance services.