official logo.jpgAs part of our commitment to being a sustainable business with transparent communications about our environmental practices, we are proud to announce that STANLEY Access Technologies is the first and only automatic door manufacturer to attain Environmental Product Declarations based on a North American Product Category Rule (PCR). We have EPDs for the following products:

                                     Dura-Care ICU Sliding Door Series: 7000-8000                                                                                                                                                                                                                Series 500 Manual Revolving Door
                                     Pro-Care 8300 ICU Sliding Door 
                                     Dura-Glide Series 2000/3000 Automatic Sliding Door 
                                     Dura-Glide GreenStar Automatic Sliding Door
                                     Magic Access Automatic Swing Door Operator
                                     Magic Force Automatic Swing Operator

Click here to read our white paper on Environmental Product Declarations. 





LEED credits are unique for each job because they are related to several variables. STANLEY Access Technologies is known for giving out some of the highest LEED credits in the industry. Contact your local US representative here to determine your LEED credit eligibility.

Below are some examples on how we can help you achieve your certification goals.



Environmentally conscious vendors Our aluminum vendors are ISO14001 and ISO50001 certified to control their energy usage and environmental impacts.
Close to your job site to minimize your carbon footprint (LEED CREDIT) We are the only automatic door manufacturer with 2 US manufacturing facilities; Indianapolis, IN and Farmington, CT, increasing the probability of manufacturing within 100 miles of your project site.
Made from some of the highest recycled content amounts without sacrificing quality or aesthetics (LEED CREDIT) Typical bi-parting slider* can have on average 14.7% post consumer and 22.1% and post industrial recycled content.
Decrease construction waste A typical bi-parting slider* uses about 55% less packing material then our competitors. We can do this because almost all of our doors are shipped on dedicated trucks, which ensures our products will arrive to the job site as intended - minimizing wasted time, energy and resources caused by damaged products.
Decrease construction demolition waste At the end of the product life cycle, we can rebuild the controls and recycle the aluminum, completing the sustainability cycle.
*Standard bi-parting slider 168" x 92" with narrow stiles, 2" muntin, 10" bottom rail.


The Dura-Glide GreenStar can help optimize building energy performance Minimizes air infiltration by up to 61%* and improves thermal performance with 1" insulated glass
Specify a more efficent door Consider larger doors, 1" insulated glass, 4" bottom rail, narrow stiles, no muntins and adding a transom. Tie to a third party air curtain to block up to 80% of air infiltration
*Typical 14' bi-part, 1500 cycles/day compared to Dura-Glide


Enhanced construction indoor air quality Our doors are painted before shipping, arriving to the site pre-finished. Our finishers' processes eliminate the exhaust of potential pollutants so there are no VOCs or adverse environmental impact.
Enhanced indoor air quality The Dura-Glide GreenStar features the GreenFit sealing system to minimize moisture and mold in the building.
Increasing daylighting/quality views Consider doors that maximize glass through the use of sidelights, transoms, narrow stiles, short bottom rail and no muntins.



CASE STUDY: Platinum LEED Partnership


STANLEY Access Technologies recently helped the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center achieve Platinum LEED certification. As part of the mixed-mode natural ventilation system, 18 Dura-Glide 3000 All Glass Sliders were tied in to the air curtain system, which turns on and off as the doors open and close. The project was recently featured in the prestigious Architectural Record magazine for its best-in-class energy and environmental design and features. Click here to read the full article.





Our sustainably process is part of our DNA through the execution of the STANLEY Fulfillment System (SFS). As part of SFS, operation lean is an initiative to eliminate waste to increase efficiency and drive value. This initiative helped STANLEY Black and Decker rank #18 in NewsWeek's 2015 Green Rankings.