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Automatic Doors as Solutions for Accessibility Planning in Hospitals, Schools, Office Buildings, and Other Public Buildings in Chicago, IL

Having automatic doors installed is important to ensure that a building can be easily accessed by the public. In Chicago, Illinois, one of the most densely populated major cities in the United States, physical space for doors that satisfy accessibility planning requirements can be very limited. STANLEY Access Technologies crafts solutions perfect for general accessibility and ADA awareness needs, as well as responding to the reality of small storefronts and busy metropolitan areas by designing and manufacturing automatic doors, revolvers, and customized full entrances for entryways of all sizes.

STANLEY Access Technologies can provide medical facilities, convention centers, banks, or other important buildings in Chicago, IL with a selection of automatic doors to suit their requirements, with choices that include:

  • Retrofitting options – With our ADA-compliant automatic swing door operators, any existing manual swing door can be upgraded for push-button or motion-activated accessibility.
  • Safety and security options – We understand the need for heightened security in city buildings, especially apartments, banks, and government buildings in Chicago, IL. We have many different offerings that provide security, from sliding doors made with blast- and ballistic-resistant glass to security revolvers that allow only authorized personnel.
  • Revolving doors – Revolving doors help improve the flow of foot traffic in office buildings, major stores, and convention centers in the busy city. In hospital settings, they also help keep conditioned air from escaping and help keep contaminants out. Our diverse selection of revolvers includes both manual and automatic doors.

Additionally, as both the pioneer and the recognized leader of automatic doors since the 1930s, STANLEY Access Technologies also offers planned maintenance and repair service plans for automated doors of all brands. If you are operating, upgrading, or constructing a building in Chicago, Illinois, and would like more information, specifications, or drawings for our selection of automatic doors, contact STANLEY Access Technologies.

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