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Healthcare/Hospital Doors

Safe & secure doors for healthcare applications

We understand the unique demands of healthcare facilities.

We know the intricacies of keeping a healthcare facility up and running and that's why top hospitals partner with us to design unique, efficient, and most importantly, safe patient experiences. We have hospital doors that meet the demands of all areas of healthcare facilities including hospital entrance doors, operating room doors, interior corridor doors, ICU doors, CCU doors, isolation room doors, emergency room doors, as well as offering enhanced security integrations for many of these products. With smoke-rated doors, positive and negative pressure-rated doors, and trackless configurations, our doors are a fitting addition to your healthcare facility.

Configurations for Every Healthcare Facility

We ensure that your facility is equipped with the best in healthcare door technology. With multiple configurations and features, we can tailor solutions that exceed your expectations.

A healthcare worker wheeling a gurney through a set of doors.

Healthcare Doors Built to Last

Our Dura-Care and ProCare doors are durable without being heavy and bulky. They maintain a sleek appearance as carts, gurneys, wheelchairs, and more get patients to where they can receive the healthcare they need. Our healthcare doors also fully break out to accommodate moving patient beds or large and sensitive equipment.


Protecting Patients, Staff, and Families

We know how important security is for healthcare applications—that's why we have options like access control for authorized entry, the ability to build in electric locking in all of our sliding doors, and delayed egress on some of our sliders as well.

A set of sliding doors in a hospital setting.  Photo Credit: MKM Build Photography
A hospital worker operating a door with blinds.
Patient Care

Designed With Patient Privacy in Mind

With offerings like integral blinds and electric glass, patient privacy is top of mind. What's more, our doors are quiet so as to maximize patient comfort.

Door parts laying on a table.

Door Service & Maintenance

We not only manufacture and install healthcare doors, but we also service them. With an average of 12 years of experience, our technicians certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers diagnose and fix any manufacturer's door with speed and professionalism.

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What to consider when choosing a healthcare door:

  • Isolation room pressure
  • Patient privacy
  • Handicap access
  • Breakout capability for patient transport
  • Security options
  • Volume and direction of traffic flow
A healthcare worker standing by a desk.  Photo Credit: MKM Build Photography

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