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Doors Overview

Automatic Slide Doors are an efficient way to accommodate simultaneous two-way traffic flow. 

  • Available in single slide, bi-part slide or telescopic slide configurations.
  • Can be surface mounted or concealed overhead.

Manual Intensive Care Unit Doors are available in slide/swing, fold/swing, telescoping/swing or swing configurations.

  • Sliding configuration have swinging/breakout functioconfigurationnality designed for healthcare environments where clear door opening needs change in a moment's notice.  

Automatic Swing Operators can be low energy ("knowing act" open activation with push plates or hand wave) or full energy (open activation by motion).

Revolving Doors can be used for high-traffic applications requiring simultaneous entry and exit, controlled access, or can be used as an air lock to help manage energy expenses.

  • Available as manual or automatic configurations.
  • Manufactured as complete packages by STANLEY Rush.

Automatic Folding Doors allows for two-way traffic where there are currently restricted rough openings.

  • Panels fold when retracting which allows for about 70% of the door’s package to be free and clear for passage. 

Manual Balanced Doors use interior and exterior air pressure to assist pedestrians opening the door in wind tunnel or stack pressure circumstances.  

  • Less force or strength is required to open the door and the movement is well controlled.
  • Designed and manufactured by STANLEY Rush.

Manual Pivot or Hinged Swing Doors custom designs by STANLEY Rush.

  • Swinging and hinged doors consist of a panel that swings on hinges.

Transit Doors and Gates are designed for light and heavy rail applications and require customized solutions.

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) are full-height.
  • Platform Screen Gates (PSGs) are half-height.

Slide Door Operators are comprised of a Dura-Glide operator with a header and hanger. 

  • Ideal for Architects who want to take full control over door aesthetic.
  • May not meet North American codes for emergency egress.
to ensure you meet code compliance