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As the leader in improving accessibility for all people, STANLEY Access Technologies excels in retrofitting existing facilities with automatic doors. Especially in spaces that were not originally designed to accommodate automatic slide or swing doors, our experts are here to help you create the most viable solution—because where some see limitations, we see possibility.

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Why automate?

A manual door is a disruptive barrier that creates an unwelcoming experience by requiring users to manually push, pull, or grab shared surfaces such as handles.

Converting a manual door to automatic

An automatic door conversion can be as simple as adding a swing door operator to an existing manual door in a matter of hours.

Storefront - Before
Storefront - After
A person installing a set of doors.

Converting Doors

  • Automate virtually any door; front entrance doors, bathroom doors, interior hallway doors, and more.
  • Surprisingly cost-effective. Service maintenance plans ensure a low overall cost of ownership. 
  • 10-15-year average life span with proper maintenance and annual inspections means automatic doors have a longer life cycle than a manual door.
  • STANLEY automatic door solutions are designed to help you achieve health, safety, and convenience at your location.

When door automation is a part of your overall health and safety strategy, you:

  • Ensure peace of mind for those concerned with the spread of germs on common touchpoints such as door handles, push bars, and other access methods.
  • Enable users of all abilities to safely enter your facility with minimal effort.
  • Enhance building security with access control integration, theft deterrence devices, and safe egress in case of an emergency.
  • Enforce social distancing measures by managing access, directing movement, and implementing one-way pathways.
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98.9% of customers prefer to shop or stay at a business with automatic doors.

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