The STANLEY Access 14-Point Door Inspection

Ensure your doors are working at optimal performance with a routine inspection plan

The highest standards in the business

Our AAADM-Certified Techs use a detailed and methodical inspection to keep your doors working properly. These regular inspections are critical to meet ANSI safety standards. Here's what our technicians look for and what makes us the MOST trusted name in professional door service.


In addition to thoroughly inspecting your doors, our technicians will test, adjust, and lubricate mechanical components as needed, test all safety sensors, identify deficiencies in need of repair, and follow up with solutions to ensure your doors are compliant and up to code.


Swing Door Inspection

  1. Inspect door panels and frames
  2. Inspect and calibrate arms and linkages
  3. Inspect operator (open, close, emergency, breakout)
  4. Inspect pivots
  5. Inspect finger guards
  6. Inspect guide rails
  7. Verify control box settings
  8. Inspect and calibrate safety sensor system
  9. Inspect door safety decals
  10. Inspect door lock assembly
  11. Inspect floor switch mats and trim
  12. Clean and lubricate as necessary
  13. Inspect glass
  14. Inspect and calibrate detection area

Sliding Doors

  1. Inspect equipment for damage and wear
  2. Inspect and calibrate all locking systems
  3. Inspect floor track
  4. Inspect and calibrate hanger wheels, arms, and linkages
  5. Inspect and calibrate bottom guides
  6. Inspect door safety decals
  7. Inspect and calibrate door close
  8. Inspect and calibrate door breakout
  9. Inspect and calibrate drive belt
  10. Inspect and calibrate motor/gearbox for excessive noise
  11. Inspect and calibrate operational speeds
  12. Inspect and calibrate motion threshold safety detection
  13. Inspect and calibrate motor sensor ranges
  14. Collect current cycle counts

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