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We are a Purpose-driven organization.

This is what binds us and drives us to do the impossible.

Together, we can Make The World Accessible.

Our Purpose

Even though we already have the largest geographic footprint in North America, we are continuously expanding our team of R&D and innovation engineers, sales representatives and service and install technicians. This paired with being the only manufacturer with 2 US factories means you can trust us to get what you need, how you need it and when you need it.

We never cut corners when it comes to safety and compliance

Excellence is equated to making it right the first time, because we know every expertly crafted product we make needs to help you do better, safer, more significant work. Our unwavering mission to adhere to the highest standards of material, workmanship and service since we invented the first swinging automatic door over 80 years ago is the reason we continue to be the industry leader.

Our experience and dedication to takes you from where you are to where you want to go.

Our job is to help you do yours better, and we take pride in what you make possible. So you get consistency that meets your complete satisfaction, our products are only sold by, shipped by, handled by and installed by dedicated STANLEY employees and partners. Their experience with product solutions, codes and standards, and the industry runs deep; with an average of 12 years for our technicians and 13 years for our sales representatives.

Partnering with STANLEY to experience

Performance in Action. 

Our Purpose