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We've been committed to moving and protecting your passengers for almost 30 years

Our transit doors keep passengers moving so you can keep moving passengers.

The key to effective transportation systems is safely moving passengers smoothly and with as few disruptions as possible. That's why our platform doors and gates excel in both maintaining pedestrian flow and ensuring passenger safety and security. Our platform doors help maintain climate control of both indoor and outdoor stations while increasing the usable area of a train platform with barriers that open up increased standing space for passengers.

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Customized transit solutions

Whether your transit station is brand new, a historic building or anything in between, our solutions are highly customizable with special finishes and materials available to blend seamlessly within your aesthetic. They're also built with security in mind to keep passengers away from moving trains and platform edges.

Screen doors on a transit platform.

Protecting Your Passengers

Safety is the main goal of our platform doors and gates. Protecting passengers from potentially dangerous platform edges and separating people from moving trains, our platform doors and gates enhance the overall security of the train system by retaining passengers on the platform.


Platform Doors & Gates Made to Last

Knowing that our transit doors are often installed in relatively harsh environments, like subway systems or outdoor, open-air applications, we make them durable to withstand elements and high-volume usage.

A person walking through a transit station.
Dura Glide doors installed in an airport.

Trustworthy Doors & Gates Keep Things Moving

Malfunctioning doors and gates can hold up entire transit systems. That's why we take extra care in manufacturing our platform screen doors and gates to ensure they're reliable day-in/day-out.


High Quality Service

With STANLEY Access Technologies, you can count on high-quality service throughout the entire manufacturing and installation process. We're always here to assist, with manufacturing, installation, troubleshooting, and door repair all completed by highly trained and AAADM-certified STANLEY professionals.

A person installing a set of doors.
Door parts laying on a table.

Door Service & Maintenance

We not only manufacture and install transit doors, we also service them. With an average of 12 years of experience, our technicians are certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers to diagnose and fix any manufacturer's door fast and professionally.

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What to consider when choosing the perfect transit door:

  • Platform area size
  • Traffic flow
  • Doors vs. gates
A transit platform with screen doors.

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