Half-Height Platform
Screen Doors

Half-Height Platform Screen Doors Improve Safety and Efficiency for Transit Stations

Half-height platform screen doors, also known as platform screen gates, are compact and effective options for improving the efficiency and safety of transit stations. The platform screen doors and platform screen gates from STANLEY Access Technologies are ideal for subways, airport tram stations, and a variety of other public transit stations. We’ve been engineering and installing transit system entryways for over 25 years, creating state-of-the-art platform screen doors for such facilities as Pittsburgh and Tampa International Airports, the United States Senate Subway System in Washington, D.C., and the Honolulu Rail Transit. Additionally, STANLEY Access Technologies is proud to partner with some of the largest railway technology companies, including Bombardier, Doppelmayr Cable Car, and Mitsubishi.

Improving Safety and Efficiency

Our half-height platform screen doors are commercially proven for reliability in areas of constant operation and offer such benefits as:


By integrating into the automatic train control system to guide traffic flow onto and off of trains, trams, and similar transit systems while safely optimizing passenger space, platform screen gates help reduce delays in schedules and maximize the number of passengers that can be transported each day.


Platform screen gates provide a physical barrier that protects waiting passengers from arriving and departing trains, preventing accidents like falling off the platform. Additionally, the Emergency Egress Gate, a manual swing gate that swings open onto the platform, allows passengers exiting trains to safely leave if the train fails to align properly with the platform screen gate.


We manufacture all of our platform screen gates in our Farmington, CT, facility, and they then undergo rigorous testing in our factory, laboratory, and then on-site to ensure quality control at every step of the way. Also, our Dedicated Program Management team will help you throughout the entire installation process, ensuring that everything is set up in perfect working order.

Want More Information?

Additionally, with a wide variety of customization and design options, our platform screen doors and platform screen gates can enhance the look and atmosphere of nearly any transit station. For example, as partial height doors, our platform screen gates are perfect for outdoor applications such as open-air tram stations, park transit systems, and monorail stations, as they allow waiting passengers to enjoy a full view of the platform’s scenery and permit airflow where full height doors would not. If you are interested in learning more about our half-height platform screen doors or other automatic door systems, contact Peter DeLeonardis.