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Your Trusted Platform Screen Doors Manufacturer for Nearly 30 Years

As a platform screen door manufacturer, STANLEY Access Technologies is a reliable and innovative choice for increasing both safety and efficiency at transit stations. If you’re working on a tram, train, or any other type of station for public transit, we can design and build the perfect platform screen door system for your project’s needs. Our platform screen doors can be found worldwide featured in such projects as the MGM CityCenter in Las Vegas, Dubai International Airport, and the United States Capitol Subway System in Washington, D.C. We also proudly partner with some of the biggest names in railway technology, including Bombardier, Mitsubishi, and Doppelmayr Cable Car.

Improve Safety and Efficiency

With STANLEY Access Technologies as your platform screen doors manufacturer, your transit system project will attain tangible, beneficial results, such as:


Our platform screen doors are designed to handle the heavy and constant demands of a busy transit station. The doors are manufactured in our facility in Farmington, CT, then sent to our laboratory for thorough quality assurance testing prior to installation by our Dedicated Program Management team. They are then tested once more on-site to ensure the best possible performance.


Platform screen doors help prevent accidents on the tracks of transportation systems, providing a barrier that keeps people and objects from entering the railway area. This can significantly reduce passenger injuries and damage to the rail mechanisms. In the event a train does not properly align with the doors for passengers to exit, the Emergency Egress Doors swing out to let the passengers off safely.


Because our platform screen doors integrate seamlessly into the automatic train control system to guide the flow of passengers, they can reduce scheduling delays associated with boarding and exiting, allowing the transportation of more passengers daily.

Want More Information?

STANLEY Access Technologies is the leader in the automated door industry, and as a platform screen doors manufacturer, we focus on results and details. To show our commitment to this status, we also support the ASCE 21 Automated People Mover Standards Committee and the Transportation & Development Institute, which focuses on improvements in safety and design for the transportation and development industry. For more information on our platform screen doors or other automatic door systems for your project, visit the main page or contact Peter DeLeonardis.