Dura-Shield Blast

Designed and Tested to Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism Standards.

The Dura-Shield Blast Doors have been developed in partnership with Insulgard® Security Products to provide protection from BLAST attacks.

A set of blast rated doors.

Blast Resistant Automatic Sliding Door

  • Blast resistant Laminated/Insulated glass.
  • Provides blast protection when locked or unlocked to protect against unforeseen events
  • Complies with ANSI/BHMA A156.10 Standard for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors
  • UL-Listed battery backup and fire alarm integration for emergency egress
  • Configurable for integration with building security systems

Safety and Security Above and Beyond


  • Designed and tested to Department of Defense Anti-Terrorism Standards

  • Physical Testing performed in accordance with ASTM F2927 achieved ASTM Category III and ASTM Glazing Hazard H1/H2 ratings

  • GSA Level C performance 3A
  • UFC: Unified Facilities Criteria
A blast resistant door.

Dura-Shield Sliding Door Models

These configurations provide solid performance, security and safety in a single system and are ideal for buildings where sliding automatic entrances are required to protect high risk areas.

Dura-Shield 2000 Blast

Provides protection for BLAST attacks by complying with DOD UFC & ATFP 4-010-01 requirements.

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