A view of a door opening sensor and the door latch.

The ProCare Difference

  • Wide clear door opening* at 43.3” on an 8’ door and 49.3” on 9’. Eliminate dangerous snagging of IV lines and equipment with our catch-free contoured handle and retractable positive latch hook shield.
    *Without positive latch
  • Easy and more controlled breakaway and return with our new intuitive swing-out button. Quiet and flawless operation with swing out guidance system.

New ProCare 8300A

Touch-less activation to prevent the spread of infection. Overhead sensors safely keep the panels open when someone is within 2 feet of the open door. Easily switches to manual slide mode, giving nurses the control they need to monitor patients. Exclusive Power Assist Technology makes manual sliding 3 times easier.

A door sensor above the door.

See the ProCare 8300A in Action

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