Privacy Glass & Blinds

Putting patients' privacy first.

Our smart glass and integrated blinds solutions prioritize patient privacy.

Smart Glass Doors

Electrified glass doors feature translucent switchable glass that instantly turns transparent with the application of an electric current, eliminating the need for additional privacy offerings such as blinds or curtains. The electronics and mechanics of the smart glass are concealed in a tall header for a streamlined appearance.

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Our switchable privacy glass solutions boast a wealth of benefits, from infection control to space efficiency.

Hospital Acquired Infection Prevention

  • 92% of hospital privacy curtains are contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria, as per the American Journal for Infection Control
  • This bacteria on curtains can transfer to clean hands or gloves of hospital workers, leading to potential patient infections
  • Glass doors that turn opaque eliminate this potential

Long-Term Cost Savings

  • U.S. hospitals see over 1.7 million healthcare-associated Infections each year at a cost of up to $45 billion a year
  • 1 ICU curtain for 1 year, including laundering is $1,696. That’s $10,176 invested for the 6-year lifecycle of a single curtain, as per PurThread Technologies

Space Efficiency

  • Effectively adds square footage to small ICU rooms by eliminating the nuisance of curtains and curtain rods


Integrated Blinds

Integrated smart glass blinds are permanently sealed between 2 panes of glass to ensure protection against dirt, dust, and germs for improved infection control. Nurse visibility and patient privacy are easily controlled by a simple tilting of the blinds. Integrated blinds are available on the new ProCare 8300 and Dura-Care 7000TL 2-Panel,  7200 2-Panel, and 7500 Telescoping Series.

A door that has blinds built in used in a hospital.


When thinking about whether integrated blinds are right for your application, consider the following:

  • The device that drives the blinds
  • Handle or knob
  • Is the drive system located inside or outside the room
  • Location of the sliding panel
  • The weight of the overall door package
  • Integrated blinds can sometimes double the total weight of the door
  • Consider the weight of the glass, door panel(s), and the additional weight of the blinds
  • The direction of access when choosing your door and the point of breakout
  • Glass stops