Dura-Glide® All Glass 2000/3000

 The beauty of an all glass door with the durability of the best-selling Dura-Glide®.

All glass panels and sidelights in a bi-part or single slide configuration. These stunning doors accommodate 1/2” tempered glass with polished edges, blend effortlessly into building profiles and minimize sight lines, and boast fast and trouble-free installation with integrated glass clamp hangers and a pre-assembled header.

a set of all glass doors in Anaheim.

A Smart, Safe and Secure Choice

These all-glass doors are a smart choice for their complete safety and security. They meet ANSI requirements, are UL listed, and come with single-point bottom rail deadlock(s) and optional electric locking.

Dura-Glide® 2000/3000 All Glass Models

With the highest horsepower motor in the industry, our popular Dura-Glide® doors will yield years of high performance—and they'll look beautiful doing it, too.

Full Breakout (3000 only)

All panels break out at any point of travel for large emergency egress.

Partial Breakout (2000 only)

Only sliding panel(s) break out at any point of travel. Surface mount options are available.

Dura-Glide® 2000/3000 All Glass Benefits

This state-of-the-art automatic door boasts a wealth of benefits, from handling high foot traffic to keeping your entrances compliant with accessibility laws, all without compromising aesthetics.

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Durability Meets Beauty

All glass doors and sidelights blend effortlessly into building profiles. What's more, they're durable—they're UL listed and undergo life testing to a minimum of 1 million cycles.

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Easy Installation

With the pre-assembled header and panel sub-assemblies, installation is fast and trouble-free.


Complete Safety and Security

Complete safety and security, meeting ANSI requirements, UL listed, and comes with single point bottom rail deadlock(s) and optional electric locking.

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High Horsepower Motor

The highest horsepower motor in the industry means the door will operate with less effort and less wear and tear on the motor.

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Breakout Capabilities

For emergency egress, the 3000 version allows for full breakout of all door panels at any point of travel. The 2000 version features partial breakout in which only the sliding panel can be broken out at any point of travel.


Locking Options

Two locking options are available: a single point bottom rail deadlock(s) and electric solenoid lock (Fail Safe/Fail Secure).

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