Dura-Care 7600

Hybrid Swing / Fold Door System

A set of telescoping hospital doors with a bed in the doorway.

The Dura-Care Difference

The Dura-Care 7600 System combines a bi-directional manual swing door with a two-panel manual bi-fold door in one continuous header. The swing panel comes with a door closer but will hold open when pushed past 105-degrees. The bi-fold panels can either fold in or fold out and can fully (swing open / breakout) when more space is needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Combines manual swing door and manual two panel bi-fold door in one continuous header
  • Swing panel comes with door closer but will stay in place when pushed past 105-degrees allowing for easy access
  • Adjustable bottom pivots account for unanticipated structural changes during installation by allowing door panels to be altered for changes in floor height or type
  • Flush bolt located at end stile of bi-fold allows quick and easy release and connection from door guide to facilitate swing (breakout)
  • Available package widths from 7’ – 10"
  • Hardware Options: Single/Multi-Point Locking
Door parts laying on a table.

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