Dura-Storm 2000/3000

Trusted as your first line of defense from hurricanes by withstanding high wind pressure and resisting forced entry.

Designed to increase the structural resilience of essential facilities, the Dura-Storm Level E provides the utmost protection against windborne debris and hurricane-force wind loads when evacuation is not an option.

A set of durastorm doors.

Beauty and the Beast

  • Welded panels and reinforcements keep the panels on track, reduce door damage and increase protection from flying debris and looting.
  • Add style and sophistication with 2" narrow stiles and special finishes (patterned wood laminate shown).

Miami-Dade Compliant and Fast to Install

  • Compliant with Florida Building Code, Miami-Dade NOA Code, and ASTM E283. Tested to withstand winds up to 75psf and the impact of flying debris.
  • Factory applied environmentally-friendly 3M VHB eliminates time-consuming calking during install.
Interior view of STANLEY Dura-Storm hurricane rated doors.

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