ProCare™ 8500

The latest ICU door in our ProCare Series, the ProCare 8500 was engineered to create the widest clear door opening in the industry at over 56” of clearance for a manual 8’ telescoping, 3-panel ICU door.

The ProCare 8500 comes in manual or fully automatic (8500A) with the option for Power Assist. The ProCare 8500A gets 55.7" CDO for an 8' telescoping 3-panel ICU door.

ProCare 8500 ICU door

The ProCare™ 8500 and 8500A

  • The ProCare 8500's wide CDO provides more maneuverability to move patients and equipment quickly, easily, and efficiently into and out of ICU rooms where every inch counts. 

  • Widest clear door opening for a three-panel telescoping ICU door in the industry at 55.6” of clearance for an 8' manual telescoping door. 

  • The ProCare 8500 and 8500A share the same shortened header, allowing for an improved aesthetic for corridors with a combination of automatic and manual doors.

  • The low-profile header provides improved height clearance.

  • For retrofit applications, easily replace older manual ICU doors with modern automatic doors without losing vertical CDO.

The ProCare Difference

  • Synchronized moving panels on a fully trackless system prevent slamming and bounce-back at open and close for quieter, smoother operation and reduced wear-and-tear of components.
  • Catch-free contoured handles and retractable retractable positive latch shields eliminate dangerous snagging of IV lines and equipment
  • Easy breakout and reset with the push of a button
Nurse breaking out ICU door

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