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Automatic Doors for Schools, Retail Stores, and Other Buildings in Houston, TX

The inclusion of automatic doors in building designs has been an important aspect of accessibility planning for decades. If you are working on designs for a building in Houston, Texas, and are seeking doors that comply with general accessibility guidelines and/or ADA standards for disability awareness planning, STANLEY Access Technologies can tailor a solution to your building requirements. We’ve been at the forefront of automated door innovations since we invented them in the 1930s, and our automatic doors are available in a wide array of custom designs that allow for the flexibility to match the functions and aesthetics of any project.

Some of the automatic doors you can have installed for your project in Houston, TX, include:

  • STANLEY Rush Revolving Doors – Our revolving doors are available in both manual and automatic options. Not only do they help improve foot traffic efficiency for heavily traveled office buildings and convention centers, but the door wings also keep a constant seal with the enclosure, reducing the loss of conditioned air and helping to improve a building’s energy efficiency in the Texas climate. STANLEY Rush also offers fully customized architectural designs that integrate revolvers with other door types for complete entrances.
  • Dura-Storm™ – This is the toughest automatic sliding door on the market. Tested extensively to meet the strictest hurricane building code requirements, including the Florida Building Code Level E.  This door is designed for durability in resisting both strong winds and heavy impacts caused by powerful hurricanes and other extreme weather events.

In addition to manufacturing these and other automatic doors, STANLEY Access Technologies also services automated doorways from all manufacturers. That means that if any of your automatic entrances need either repair or routine maintenance, we can make sure that the job is done right, regardless of the brand of door. If you’re working on the entrances of a building in Houston, TX, and would like more information on our selection of automatic doors and other products and services, contact STANLEY Access Technologies.