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Automatic Hospital Doors for Improved Mobility and Infection Control in Entryways, Isolation and Operating Rooms, and Other Doorways

Automatic hospital doors help with general accessibility in the lobby of a hospital and allow the hospital staff to maneuver the halls and rooms quickly and easily – especially in critical emergencies. STANLEY Access Technologies can provide industry-leading technology that will allow the greatest mobility for both patients and staff of a hospital or other medical facility. We manufacture a versatile selection of automatic hospital doors so that we can craft a real-world solution for virtually any need.

The selection of automatic hospital doors from STANLEY Access Technologies includes:

  • Automatic swing doors – We manufacture ADA-compliant swing door operators that can upgrade existing manual swing doors to automatic doors. The Express-Swing™ low-energy automatic door system minimizes the swing space required and closes in half the time of a normal swing door.
  • STANLEY Rush Revolving Doors – Our automatic revolving doors are perfect for lobby entrances at hospitals, encouraging foot traffic to keep flowing. Sealed panels with the drum enclosure help reduce HV/AC loss and prevents airborne contaminants from entering the hospital. In addition to the standard four-panel design, we also manufacture a three-panel design that allows more room for wheelchairs to pass through. STANLEY Rush is also nationally recognized for our customized architectural designs for full entrances complete with revolving, pivoting, swinging, and balanced doors and castings.
  • Automatic Sliding Doors – Our Dura-Glide™ full-energy automated sliding doors, which are rated for Class 1 and 10 clean rooms, are ideal for operating rooms and other areas that require infection control since they don’t require a physical touch to open.

Additionally, we also offer planned maintenance and repair services of automatic doors by all brands. If any of your existing automatic hospital doors need servicing, we can keep your doors in their best working order. If you’d like more information, including drawings, literature, and BIM objects, on our selection of automatic hospital doors, contact STANLEY Access Technologies.

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