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Historic Timeline

1931: STANLEY patents the world's 1st hands-free door operator actuated by photo-electric cells.

First installation June 19th,1931 at Wilcox's Pier Restaurant in West Haven, Connecticut

Original letter from Neiman-Marcus

One of STANLEY’s original operators is at MIT's iconic entrance in Cambridge, MA

In the post war 40’s, supermarket owners were among the earliest types of customers to realize that patrons pushing carts or carrying bags deserve the convenience of automatic doors.

1950’s and 1960’s: In the early 50's, a hydraulic operator is introduced for high traffic locations. In the 1960’s the hydraulic operator evolves into an overhead pneumatic operator powered by remote air compressors and in-floor hydraulic operators with remote fluid-pumping power packs.

In January, 1968, the STANLEY Magic Door division moves to its present facility in Farmington, CT.

1970’s: In 1975, STANLEY Magic Door introduces their first automatic sliding entrance.

1980’s: STANLEY designs and fabricates Platform Screen Doors for Orlando International Airport.

1990’s: STANLEY Magic-Door changes its name to STANLEY Access Technologies and expands to worldwide distribution

2000’s: STANLEY invents Stanvision, an all-in-one surveillance camera and presence sensor, replacing expensive surveillance equipment. This innovative product ultimately helps STANLEY win the contract for the largest retailer in the US.

In 2003 Stanley Access Technologies buys Canadian door manufacturer, CJ Rush - a globally recognized leader in design and manufacturing of manual, automatic and revolving doors, as well as their excellence in craftsmanship and specialization in cladding.

2010-Present: STANLEY releases a new logo. STANLEY Access Technologies continues to expand, opening a second overseas facility in India and a manufacturing plant in Indiana.