The Cost of Automatic Doors

STANLEY Access Technologies 5 Min Read | April 24, 2023

Thinking about having automatic sliding doors installed, but worried about the cost? Here's what to consider to when thinking about the cost of automatic doors both upfront and over time.

The Cost of Automatic Doors

Automatic sliding doors are one of the most popular choices for commercial, manufacturing, health care, and other public and private use facilities for many reasons. Automatic doors are easy to use, make access easier for everyone, maintain ADA compliance, can help reduce energy costs, and improve security. Additionally, studies overwhelmingly show that automatic doors are the preferred choice by consumers everywhere. Automatic doors are more costly to install and maintain over regular doors, however, so choosing the right option for your facility should be carefully considered. Also, when selecting an automatic sliding door product, keep in mind that sometimes less expensive doors can prove more costly down the road. To keep the overall cost of automatic door repairs down, choose a reputable manufacturer that utilizes only AAADM certified and trained installers and offers a planned maintenance schedule to keep your door functioning properly.


How to Think About Price

Obviously, the cost of each automatic sliding door will vary depending on the size, type, and features of the door. And the number of doors needed for your facility will have an impact on what the total cost of the doors will be. Additionally, the doors will need professional installation. The cost of installation will also depend on the size of the door and the complexity of the installation

Quality Doors from a Reputable Manufacturer

It is important to choose a reputable door manufacturer and installer to ensure that your automatic sliding doors are installed correctly and will work safely and properly for the life of the door. For this reason, automatic doors should only be installed and maintained by a trained professional. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) provides certification for professional door service technicians and installers and is considered the gold standard for trained professionals. Therefore, when choosing an automatic door manufacturer to work with, it is important that they have the experience and expertise to understand your facility or project in order for your sales professional to be able to recommend the right doors for your budget. You should be wary of any sales consultant who does not take the time to fully understand your building’s design, the use-case for the doors, the average daily number of people who will be using the doors, the aesthetics of the facility, and your budgetary goals. A reputable sales professional will be able to provide an accurate quote for the right doors that takes into consideration all of these elements.

What Affects the Cost of Your Doors: The basics



Obviously larger doors require more material to construct and therefore will cost more, but non-standard size doors can also come with added costs.


The type of materials that are used to construct the door as well as the finish.

Optional Features:

Some automatic sliding doors come with features such as a access control, security features, or safety sensors, security/fire integration, hurricane/blast/ballistic resistance.


The cost of automatic door installation will depend on the size of the door and the complexity of the installation.


Automatic doors will require routine maintenance to operate reliably and safely. Eventually, components will break down and need to be replaced, as well.

Are They Worth It? Here are some drawbacks



For the reasons shown above, automatic sliding doors can be more expensive to purchase and install than regular doors.


Automatic sliding doors require regular maintenance to keep them in good working order. But with good maintenance, automatic door repair costs can be minimized.

Yes, They Are!  When they are within your budget, they are absolutely worth the price. 


Easy to use:

Automatic sliding doors are easy to use, even for people with mobility issues.


Automatic sliding doors can help to reduce energy costs by keeping the heat in or the cool air out in winter and vice versa in hotter months.


Automatic sliding doors can help to secure your facility by delaying unauthorized entry.


Automatic sliding doors come in a variety of styles, so you can find one that matches other aesthetic choices