Press Release

National Accounts Manager Greg Erickson Named One of QSR Monthly's 20 Digital Disruptors for 2023

FARMINGTON, Conn (Dec. 15, 2023) – QSR Monthly names STANLEY Access Technologies National Accounts Manager, Greg Erickson one of its 20 Digital Disruptors for 2023 for his role in the launch of the Dura-Glide® DT™ Window & Door solution.

Greg Erickson is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the automatic door industry. In his current role, he is passionate about leveraging his expertise to address the evolving needs of major players in the retail, healthcare, and quick-service sectors.

Erickson’s journey into restaurant technology is a recent but impactful one. In 2020, he was approached by a prominent global leader in the quick-service industry faced with a slew of challenges including a labor shortage, increased customer traffic, reduced dine-in options, and growing demand for online ordering and delivery service. The mission was clear: Remove the barriers at the drive-thru to deliver faster and more efficient service to their customers.

Collaborating closely with this client, Erickson and his team developed a solution based on direct input from the industry itself. The result was the creation of the Dura-Glide® DT™ automatic door/window system, marking STANLEY Access Technologies’ first foray into providing quick-service-specific solutions.

As he reflects on the evolution of the quick-service space, he notes that despite the years passing, brands still grapple with similar challenges to those faced in 2020. Customers at the drive-thru now expect an experience akin to in-person dining, but with the convenience and speed that the drive-thru promises.

Currently, STANLEY Access Technologies is focusing on the Dura-Glide® DT™ system. This technology aims to enhance throughput, reduce wait times, and improve overall efficiency. Its unique feature of operating in both window and door modes allows staff to serve drive-thru customers seamlessly while catering to parked patrons and third-party delivery services. This technological leap builds upon the success of the Dura-Glide® 2000/3000, an automatic sliding door with a proven track record spanning over 30 years.