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Automatic Doors for Accessibility and Disability Awareness Planning for Public Entryways in Calgary, Alberta

The use of automatic doors has been helping improve the accessibility of businesses, hospitals, schools, and other buildings for decades, and STANLEY Access Technologies has been the go-to company for automated doorways since we invented them in the 1930s. If you need automatic doors installed in a Calgary, AB, building that adhere to the standards of the Canadian Building Code, STANLEY Access Technologies can provide the best doorway systems to suit your unique needs.

Automatic Door Selection

We design and manufacture a wide selection of automatic doors, including:

Folding Doors

If you have a small space with limited room for the door to swing open, folding doors are a great space-saving option for accessibility planning.

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Revolving Doors

A smart, energy-efficient choice for office buildings and convention centers, our automatic and manual revolving doors help keep pedestrian traffic regulated, especially during the busiest times of the day. Speed control options on our automatic revolvers help to prevent people from moving too quickly or slowly.

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Swing Door Operators

Whether you’d like to save money by upgrading an existing manual door to an automated one, or want to add a new swing door and outfit it for automation, we can add automated swing door operators to almost any normal hinged door, which can help to implement disability awareness planning objectives.

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Sliding Doors

Our sliding and telescoping doors come in a variety of models featuring everything from blast-resistant glass to designs approved for use in clean rooms and are fully customizable to suit your exact needs.

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Additionally, STANLEY Access Technologies services automatic doors of all brands, so you can count on us if your existing doors need repair or maintenance. If you’re interested in any of the automated doors or services we offer in Calgary, Alberta, contact STANLEY Access Technologies today. We’ll gladly answer your questions and send you more information, including literature, specifications, and more.

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