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Automatic Doors for Entrances to Medical Facilities, Office Suites, Schools, and Other Buildings in New York, New York

Maximizing accessibility is critical in places where space is at a premium. At STANLEY Access Technologies, we’ve been engineering and improving on automatic door systems since the 1930s, when we started the entire industry with Horace H. Raymond’s “Magic Door.” Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing swing door with automation for ADA compliance or add a full set of automatic sliding doors to a building entrance, we have everything you’ll need to ensure easy pedestrian access.

Automatic Door Selection

If you’re working on entryways for a storefront, bank, hospital, or other type of building in New York, New York, STANLEY Access Technologies’ automatic doors offer benefits that include:

Traffic Control

Retails store fronts, airport entrances, and healthcare corridors are examples of applications where automatic sliding doors can help accommodate high traffic, specifically simultaneous two-way traffic flow. Automatic doors are an effective way to control directional traffic situations such as one door for entering and one for exiting.

  • Sliding automatic doors are a very efficient way to accommodate simultaneous two-way traffic flow. It can also be effective in controlling directional traffic situations such as one door for entry traffic and another door for exit traffic. 
  • Low energy swing door operators are the ideal solution for applications where traffic is typically light, but buildings wish to achieve ADA compliance. Low energy swing door operators, which activate through an act such as pushing a button, are great for low traffic applications, not high traffic.
  • Full energy operators are fully automatic, meaning they open when approached. Full energy swing doors are good for high traffic applications, but only for 1-way. The industry does not endorse the use of automatic swinging doors for two-way traffic applications due to (over the top) safety systems. Exceptions are made; however, the application must be well planned in consultation with experienced designers with perhaps a remote switch / push plate to activate the door well in advance of an approach.


From banks to courthouses, many building doorways need reliable security options. We offer a variety of products, to help keep occupants and inventory within the building safe.

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Not only do we engineer these state-of-the-art door systems and offer professional installation services, we also proudly offer maintenance and AAADM-certified repair services for automatic doors from all manufacturers. If you are working on improving the entryway of a building in New York, NY, and would like to learn more about our selection of automatic doors, contact STANLEY Access Technologies now.

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