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Automatic Doors for Medical Facilities, Schools, Businesses, and Other Buildings in Toronto, Ontario

Having automatic doors installed is an efficient and effective way to improve the accessibility of a building and carry out disability awareness planning. If you own, operate, or are building a store, school, hospital, or other facility in Toronto, ON, and need entryway solutions, STANLEY Access Technologies can help bring doorways up to the accessibility standards of the Canadian Building Code and improve the efficiency of foot traffic through an entrance. STANLEY Access Technologies has a variety of state-of-the-art automatic doors that allows us to craft a solution to fit your requirements.

Automatic Door Selection

Our automatic door options include:

Sliding Doors

From designs rated for clean rooms to blast- and ballistic-resistant designs, we have automated sliding and telescoping doors that not only provide easy entrance and exit, but also help to protect buildings from contaminants, heavy impacts, and more.

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Folding Doors

These automatic doors fold outward rather than swing or slide open allowing for accessibility planning for a tight entryway.

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Swing Door Operators

If the building you’re working on in Toronto, Ontario, has a pre-existing hinged door, our door operators can help you comply with the regulations set by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. They are easy to install and come as either a full-energy automatic option which opens doors on approach, or a low-energy option that opens doors with a knowing act, such as pressing a push plate.

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In addition to offering these options and more, we also provide maintenance and repair services for existing automatic doors, even if they’re from another manufacturer. We take pride in not only being the leader in automatic doors, but the pioneer in the industry, with decades of insight and ingenuity that allow us to deliver the best results with noticeable impact. If you would like more information on our products and services for adding automatic doors in Toronto, Ontario, contact STANLEY Access Technologies today.

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