Low Energy

Low energy openers require a Knowing Act, such as pushing a push plate or waving in front of a hands-free sensor.

Give your visitors a customer-friendly experience with low-energy openers.

Low energy openers allow swing doors to open automatically via a Knowing Act device, such as a push plate or any of our touchless activation devices. With low energy openers, customers are able to open doors with the push of a button or the wave of a hand. Low energy openers allow your doors to become ADA compliant, meeting the necessary ANSI/BHMA guidelines. Additionally, low energy openers provide accessibility in areas where full energy swing doors cannot be installed due to space, accessibility, or other issues. Discover everything STANLEY Access Technologies has to offer to meet your low energy specifications.

Versatile Low Energy Swing Door Opener

Meet STANLEY M-Force™ Automatic Swing Door Opener: designed for a versatile solution that’s built to last.
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Light-to-Medium Duty Low Energy Swing Door Opener

Meet Magic Access Low Energy/Knowing Act Swing Door Opener: our cost effective medium-to-low duty option.

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Activation Options

Push plate and touchless sensors can be hard wired or radio controlled and are available in a wide variety of finishes, sizes, profiles and logo choices. Switches may also be mounted to posts and rails for maximum convenience and accessibility.

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Low Energy Safety Sensors

Typical Low Energy Openers utilize a controller to close the door after a minimum of five seconds after motion is detected. The function of the Swing-Guard LE sensor is to only keep the door open when a pedestrian is in its swing path. This feature not only adds safety but also reduces HV/AC loss. If another person approaches from the push side, it will signal a closing door to re-open. The Swing Guard LE can easily be customized in the field based on various application needs.

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