Make the most of limited space.

Our telescoping automatic slide doors are innovative solutions for small spaces. 

Available in three- or six-panel configurations, our Dura-Glide 5200/5300 telescopic doors allow for larger clear door openings than a single slide or a bi-part sliding door. In our 5300 model, all of the synchronized moving panels break out, and in the 5200 model, the sliding panels break out with either one or two stationary panels. 

We also offer the DuraFit™, a six-panel bi-parting telescopic door as an alternative to a pair of swing doors. Synchronized overlapping panels provide the largest possible walk-through for small 6ft–9ft rough openings typically found in retail stores, hospitals, and hotels. The bi-part design provides a faster opening than a traditional single slide, plus the intelligence of the new iQ Controller ensures a perfect slide every time. What's more, the DuraFit™ boasts full-height security hooks that are designed to provide resistance to direct attacks from pry bars, crowbars and other implements to help ensure that that your people and your assets are protected.

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