Safety & Activation Sensors

Explore safety options for Low Energy and Full Energy Swing Door Operators

A door opener attached to the top of the door.

Low Energy Presence Sensors: Swing-Guard® LE

Typical Low Energy Operators utilize a controller to close the door after a minimum of five seconds after motion is detected (a pedestrian walks through the door). The function of the Swing-Guard LE sensor is to keep the door open when a pedestrian is in its swing path. This feature not only adds safety but also reduces HV/AC loss.  If another person approaches from the push side, it will signal a closing door to re-open. The Swing Guard LE can easily be customized in the field based on various application needs.

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Full Energy Presence Sensors: Swing Guard®

The Swing-Guard FE is designed to detect moving or stationary people in the swing path of the door and stays active even when the door is in motion. Variable sensitivity adjustments make this sensor suitable for every application, including extreme weather conditions.

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A swinging door opener mounted on a door.

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