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The Dura-Max 5400 has been replaced with the DuraFit™

6-Panel Telescopic Door

To further our focus on advancing the doors and entrance systems we provide, we have discontinued production of the Dura-Max 5400. We will continue to stock replacement parts and our certified technicians will continue to service the Dura-Max installation base.

The Dura-Max 5400 was launched in 2012 to fill a need in the marketplace for an automatic door that could provide a large clear door opening in limited 6 ft to 9 ft rough openings. 

The new DuraFit  6-Panel Telescopic door has been designed to answer the evolving demands of our customers. Living up to our legacy of innovation, the robust DuraFit has all the benefits of the Dura-Max, paired with the advancements of new technology, both in the mechanisms that drive the functionality of the door and the parts themselves. 


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