Dura-Glide® 2000/3000 Utility Package

Our best-selling door, ready to be customized.

Designed with you in mind, our Dura-Glide® automatic sliding doors are completely customizable to meet your precise needs and specifications. The Utility Package includes a drive system, control system, sensors, header, hangers, jambs, and floor-mounted bottom guide. It excludes panels and breakout hardware.

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The Dura-Glide® Difference

The highest horsepower motor in the industry comes standard. Enjoy years of high performance without uneven closing, squeaking or header sag.

Unique Applications

Architects usually select the utility package for unique applications like laboratories, closets, or other small occupancy rooms.

A dura glide utility door.

Dura-Glide® 2000/3000 Utility Package Benefits

The Utility Package option of our Dura-Glide® automatic sliding door boasts a wealth of benefits, like flexibility, security, and high performance.

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Single Slide or Bi-Part

The Utility Package design options are either single slide or bi-part. It is important to note that these doors do not break out. They can, however, be surface applied.

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Custom Stiles and Rails

With custom stile and rail sizes, the typical package width is configurable.

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High Performing

With a 1/4 horsepower motor, the Dura-Glide® 2000/3000 is one of our highest-performing doors.


Hardware Options

Various hardware options and special finishes are available to give your door a customized look and feel.


Synchronous Belt Drive

As opposed to linear and screw drives, the synchronous belt drive (a belt with teeth) means it won't slip or come off-track.

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Product FAQs

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