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Without disruption

The transportation industry is responsible for moving masses of people without disruption.  Our automatic doors, platform screen doors and platform screen gates play an essential role in not only maintaining pedestrian flow, but ensuring their safety and security.  

Here are some of the ways STANLEY Access Technologies can add value to transit and transportation projects:

• Transit Platform Screen Doors and Gates
• Transit Emergency Egress Manual Doors and Gates
• Automatic Entrance Doors and Revolvers
• Automatic Doors for Departure/Arrival Gates
• Automatic Doors and Revolvers for Security Zones
• Blast and Ballistic rated Automatic Doors
• Hurricane rated Automatic Doors
• Access Control
• Turnstiles
• Service and preventative maintenance


Experience, scale, services, products and support.

Provide a physical barrier to prevent people or objects from falling onto the tracks.

Manage pedestrian flow while creating a beautiful aesthetic to a train station or airport. 

The retrofit-ready DuraFit is ideal for applications with limited or narrow rough opening.

Automatic swing doors provide safety and also help meet applicable ADA standards.

Platform Screen Doors align with train doors and slide open to allow movement onto and off of the train. 

Create a barrier between station and tracks- no longer visible with Platform Screen Doors.

Increase pedestrian safety by preventing access to the tracks.

Custom package sizes available for special applications, such as this airport featuring our Dura-Glide.  

Meets the most stringent building design & code requirements for hurricane force winds and flying debris.

Platform Screen Gate