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Dura-Glide 2000/3000: The number one selling automatic sliding door in North America.

The Dura-Glide Difference
    • The highest horsepower motor in the industry comes standard.

    • Enjoy years of high performance without uneven closing, squeaking or header sag.

    • The highest horsepower motor in the industry comes standard.

    • Enjoy years of high performance without uneven closing, squeaking or header sag.

Safety and Security Above and Beyond
Troubleshooting Guide for Owners
Daily Safety Check for Owners

Clear or Dark Bronze Anodized 
Key/thumb turn hook bolt

Special Finishes Available
Taller Options Available
Alternate Locking Options
Alarm Contacts for remote monitoring of panel status
Security Strobes
Delayed Egress

Full Breakout (3000 only) All panels break out at any point of travel for large emergency egress. Video.
Partial Breakout (2000 only) Only sliding panel(s) break out at any point of travel for emergency egress. Surface mount options available. Video.
All Glass: All glass doors and sidelights, with breakout. 
Eco-Friendly: The Dura-Glide GreenStar comes with an air infiltration package and meets ASTM E283
Designer Package: Operator only, with breakout.
Utility type and SLH Slim Line Header: Operator only, without breakout, ideal for international applications where break out isn’t required.
All door packages are custom manufactured to fit your job requirements up to ¼” increments.  For sizes greater or smaller than typical, contact your authorized STANLEY Access Technologies Sales Representative.


Environmental Product Declaration available for download in the 'Reference Download' tab below

Detailed Information

Access the STANLEY Spec Assist Form and reduce the time it takes to specify your Dura-Glide.

DESIGN Single Slide or Bi-part
BREAKOUT SX Panel on the 2000, SX and SO panels on the 3000 | OPTION Wind Resistant Dampers reduce the potential for panel damage caused by wind gusts when panels are broken out, optional flush or surface mounted panic hardware.
FINISH Clear or Dark Bronze Anodized | OPTION: Special Finishes Available
TYPICAL PACKAGE HEIGHT 7'-8" (2.3m), Clear Door Opening of 6'-11" (2.1m) | OPTION: Taller options available*
TYPICAL WIDTH SINGLE SLIDE (narrow stiles) 7’ to 9’ (2.1 to 2.7m), CDO width 35 1/4” - 47 1/4” (896mm - 1201mm)
2000 Emergency Breakout: 39” - 51” (991mm - 1296mm) 
3000 Emergency Breakout: 75” - 99” (1905mm - 2515mm)
TYPICAL WIDTH BI-PART (narrow stiles) 10’ to 14’ (3.0m - 4.3m), CDO width: 48 1/4” - 72 1/4” (1227mm - 1836mm)
2000 Emergency Breakout: 55 1/2” - 79 1/2” (1411mm - 2021mm)
3000 Emergency Breakout: 105 1/2” - 153 1/2” (2680mm - 3899mm)
HEADER SIZE 8” (203mm) High x 6” (152mm) Deep
JAMB DIMENSION 1 3/4” x 4 1/2” | OPTION: 1 3/4” x 6”
STILES Narrow 2” | OPTION: Medium 3 1/2"
BOTTOM RAIL 4” | OPTION: 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”
TYPICAL DOOR PANEL WEIGHT Up to 220 Pounds Each (100kg)  |  OPTION: Heavier options available*
DOOR PANEL MATERIALS Aluminum  | OPTION: All Glass or Custom
POWER REQUIRED 120 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 5 Amps Minimum | OPTION: Uninterrupted Power Supply
DRIVE SYSTEM 1/4 HP DC Motor, Gear Drive, Toothed belt  |  OPTION: Twin 1/4 HP DC Motors
CONTROLS Rocker Switch  |  OPTION: Rotary, Keyed Rotary Controls, Eco Pro
CONTROLLER High Resolution iQ Controller, Microprocessor Based, Safety Logic
ACTIVATION/SAFETY SENSORS 2 Combined Activation/Safety Sensors + Holding Doorway Holding Beams for added safety  |  OPTIONS: Mats, Wall Plates, Wireless Activation systems
LOCKING Key/thumb turn hook bolt | OPTION: 3-Point Locking, Lock Position Indicators, Electric Solenoid Lock (Fail Safe/Fail Secure), Access Control Locking with Surface or Recessed Panic Hardware, Lock GuardArmored Strike
SECURITY OPTIONS Alarm contacts for remote monitoring of panel status,  Security Strobes, Delayed Egress
GLASS STOPS 1/4" | OPTION: 1/2", 5/8", 1"
MUNTIN One 2" muntin  |  OPTION:  4 1/4", Multiple
THRESHOLD Configurable Options
TRANSOM Configurable Verticals and/or Horizontals
SPEED RANGE Closing Speeds: 0.5’ - 1.5 per sec per ANSI. Opening Speeds: 0.5’ - 2.5’ per sec.

* All Specifications are subject to change. Please contact your local sales representative to ensure accuracy.

Access the STANLEY Spec Assist Form and reduce the time it takes to specify your Dura-Glide. 


NO Illustration Description TYPE Model PDF Individual PDFs DWG BIM/REVIT
1.01 Dura-Glide Bi-Part 2000 Individual Configurations
1.02 Dura-Glide Single Slide 2000 Individual Configurations
1.03 Dura-Glide Bi-Part 3000 Individual Configurations
1.04 Dura-Glide Single Slide 3000 Individual Configurations
1.07 Dura-Glide Telescopic 5000
1.08 Dura-Glide Telescopic 5000
1.26 Dura-Glide Bi-Part 2000
1.27 Dura-Glide Single Slide 2000
1.28 Dura-Glide Bi-Part 2000
1.29 Dura-Glide Single Slide 2000
1.50 Dura-Glide Threshold Options 2000/3000
1.60 Dura-Glide with Access Control 2000/3000
1.70 Dura-Glide with Transom 2000/3000
Extrusion, Glass Stop and Bottom Rail Options 2000/3000
Operator Only Designer Package 2000/3000
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      By on 08/30/2021
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      By Matt Leinart / HOK on 10/14/2019
      Hi, We are working on an OSHPD project in Sacramento and looking at the Dura-Glide 5300 series for our ICU sliding doors. Could we please get some further clarification since our client template has a minimum clear opening of 5'-0" and a minimum breakaway opening of 7'-6"? Thanks! Matt
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      Thank you
      By Ryan Felumlee/Robertson Construction on 12/19/2018
      Rarely do we take the time to show appreciation when something goes right, but today is the exception. All four Dura-Glide slide doors were operational by this afternoon and we could not be more pleased. Thank you Stanley Access installation crew for doing what it took to make it a successful day.
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      Thank you for a job well done at 2805 Presidential Hangar
      By Michael Digulimio on 12/18/2018
      Your crew are by far the best I have ever worked with. The quality and time frame was superb. We look forward to doing business with Stanley in the future. It was nice working with men that go above and beyond to give the navy a great product like the Dura-Glide.
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      Everything seemed to go very
      By Jim / Moeller Door & Window Co. on 12/18/2018
      Everything seemed to go very well with your techs and our techs working together. Our customer is very pleased with the new Dura-Glide sliders. I'm hoping to complete a few more project with STANLEY Access Technologies.

    Commonly asked questions

    We have been having issues with our door not opening from the outside. Multiple guests have had to pry the doors open in order to get into our building so we have to keep the doors open all day. The thing is we have no issue from the inside as it automatically opens. I've tried the regular troubleshooting procedures which didn't seem to help. What can be done to solve this issue?
    Asked by Mike on 01/20/2020
    + Answer this question
    Door ID: 119034 We need a new door and was wondering if we can get a quote for the new door and instantiation.
    Asked by StorQuest on 12/10/2019
    + Answer this question
    You can visit submit your request for quote online here: Thank you!
    Answered by STANLEY on 12/12/2019
    Is it possible to use Dura-Glide 2000 Bipart doors in a 9'-4" clear opening?
    Asked by JGNA on 11/12/2019
    + Answer this question
    You can find our product drawings at the bottom of the product page in the “Detailed Information” section.
    Answered by Anonymous on 12/06/2019
    Where can I find the threshold details for the Dura-Glide 2000 All Glass series?
    Asked by Diana Iacob/MoodyNolan on 10/17/2019
    + Answer this question
    You can find the threshold details under the "Drawings" tab on the Dura-Glide All Glass page, drawings 1.50.04 cover the 2000 Series and 1.50.05 covers the 3000 Series. Thank you.
    Answered by Anonymous on 10/21/2019
    We have the BIPART sliding doors and when they are in access only meaning badge reader will open them, a person can walk up to them and pry them apart to gain entry. How do we prevent that?
    Asked by Milwaukee VA Police on 10/02/2019
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